Our Projects

Talent and Team Development through Performance Coaching – XSML (Africa Impact Investor) and Hutchinson Ports Tanzania

During the times that COVID-19 was heavily impacting Tanzania, the TICTS Finance Management Team continued working from the office. Lumen’s Certified Coaches supported the employees in managing stress with self and others caused by the implications of COVID at home and in the workspace (using the Gallup / CliftonStrengths methodology).

The Away Days in November 2021 were the starting point for XSML (an impact investor in East and West Africa) to grow their team effectiveness with a session led by our Certified Performance Coaches. The approach (using the Insights Discovery methodology) has been growing the personal and team performance and is being integrated in the HR policies and systems to support sustainable change. “These insights have enabled me to improve my way of managing people to obtain better results.”, as indicated by one of the employees.