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Establishment of Cybersecurity Incident Management Process – Ghana Grid Company (GRIDCo)

GRIDCo has recognized the escalating cyber threats to its critical infrastructure due to the increasing use of technology. In response, the company has taken significant steps to establish a robust Cybersecurity Incident Management Process. This initiative involves creating a roadmap for cybersecurity within GRIDCo and building the necessary capabilities to implement an effective cybersecurity program.

The key components of this process include:

  1. Identification of Cybersecurity Incidents: GRIDCo is actively identifying potential cybersecurity incidents, such as malware attacks and system hacking, to be prepared for any threats.
  2. Establishment of Incident Management Process: A structured incident management process is being established, and relevant sign-offs are being obtained to ensure a comprehensive approach to handling incidents.
  3. Capacity Development: GRIDCo is investing in the development of the required expertise and capacity to manage the incident management process effectively. This ensures that the organization can respond promptly and efficiently to cyber threats.

To support these efforts, GRIDCo has launched a cybersecurity awareness campaign to educate its workforce about the risks associated with cyberattacks. They have also conducted a cybersecurity maturity assessment and developed a roadmap to enhance their cybersecurity maturity.

Furthermore, GRIDCo is actively working to reduce the time it takes to identify a breach by simplifying and streamlining their incident response process. They are also adopting a Digital Incident Management Process to modernize their approach.

Communication plays a pivotal role in their cybersecurity strategy. The company has implemented a corporate-wide cybersecurity policy and launched it to ensure that everyone within the organization is aligned with the cybersecurity goals and measures.

In summary, GRIDCo’s establishment of a Cybersecurity Incident Management Process is a proactive response to the growing cyber threats faced by critical infrastructure. By creating awareness, developing capacity, and implementing a structured incident management process, GRIDCo aims to fortify its cybersecurity posture and minimize the potential impact of cyberattacks on its operations.