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Post-Paid Billing & Customer Query Process – Edesur Dominicana S.A.

The Edesur project focuses on enhancing their Post-Paid Billing and Customer Query Process to address various issues, including the reduction of customer complaints, improved revenue collections, and more accurate billing.

One of the primary objectives of this project is to reduce the number of customer complaints related to monthly bills. Edesur aims to achieve this through the implementation of an integrated information system. By doing so, they intend to minimize the need for customer complaints and create a more streamlined process for addressing the remaining issues promptly. This approach aligns with their goal of providing better customer service and improving customer satisfaction.

Another significant aspect of the project is increasing revenue collections. Edesur estimates that they can enhance their revenue collections by over $500,000 by December 2023 and an additional $500,000 by December 2024. This financial improvement is tied to the project’s success in reducing estimated bills and ensuring more accurate billing based on actual consumption.

Correct and timely meter reading plays a crucial role in achieving these goals. Estimations of bills can lead to customer queries and delays in billing, causing customer dissatisfaction and revenue collection challenges. Edesur’s analysis revealed that approximately 4% of postpaid bills were estimated each month, which can result in underbilling issues over time. To mitigate this, the company made several changes to their billing process:

  1. Utilizing the billing system and smart meters to capture monthly consumption data accurately.
  2. Increasing the workforce responsible for meter reading and improving scheduling during reading periods to ensure timely and accurate readings.
  3. Replacing faulty meters that necessitate estimation.
  4. Ensuring meters are placed in accessible locations to facilitate easy reading.
  5. Creating a structured service framework for meter reading.
  6. Enhancing data integrity and availability in the billing system, enabling quicker resolution of customer complaints.
  7. Providing training to customer service clerks on how to access and provide relevant information to customers efficiently.

By addressing these key areas, Edesur aims to optimize its Post-Paid Billing and Customer Query Process. The result is expected to be fewer customer complaints, improved revenue collections, and a more efficient and accurate billing system that benefits both the company and its customers.