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The Benefits of Understanding Personality Characteristics (Cool Blue)

The Benefits of Understanding Personality Characteristics

Understanding these colour characteristics, and how you and others in your team collaborate can be hugely beneficial. Once you know how your colleagues work, you can accommodate their projects, tasks and ways of working in a way that best suits their preferences. The result? A happier, healthier, and more productive team!

A short overview on one of the 4 colour energies:

🔵 Cool Blue:

What are the characteristics of this colour energy?
Cool Blue represents the combination of Introversion and Thinking. Your colleagues that lead with this colour energy preference want to know and understand the world around them. They like information to be accurate and complete and to fully think things through before committing to action. They maintain objective standpoints and value independence and intellect. In short, they are characterised by an internal focus on knowledge, quality, reflection and consideration.

How to work with someone who leads with Cool Blue?
When working with your team members that lead with this colour energy preference, detail, accuracy, and quality are king. Give them the space to work on their own independently, present all facts in a clear and logical way, and be prepared to answer questions. Additionally, allow them the time to adjust to new situations and ideas and ensure that these changes are presented with a factual base. Due to their analytical nature, people who lead with Cool Blue colour energy enjoy having the opportunity to reflect and de-brief on projects, and they prefer written forms of communication to maintain clarity and accuracy.

Your unique mix 🔴 🟡 🔵 🟢

You may lead with one colour energy, but it is the combination of the four colour energies that create the unique you! We are all nuanced, and how these colours interact may differ depending on the day, surroundings, external and internal pressures. An awareness of how you are ‘showing up’ to others each day is crucial not only to elevate your self-awareness but also to understand how you interact with your team.

Your team is unique, so leverage these individual preferences and treat others not as you would like to be treated, but as they would like to be treated! The result? Harmony in your team through a shared understanding of preferences.

How can I make the Colour Energies work for me?

Intrigued about what your unique colour mix is? Understanding your own preferences through self-awareness can enhance your team. Feel free to reach out to Judith, our Certified Coach, on

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