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Development of ISO Compliant Cybersecurity Policy and Supporting Processes – Pakistan Information Technology Company (PITC)

The Pakistan Information Technology Company (PITC) has embarked on a significant initiative to enhance its cybersecurity posture through ISO 27001/NIST implementation. This endeavor aims to establish a clear roadmap for cybersecurity within PITC, strengthen their capacity to deploy relevant technologies, and ultimately implement a robust cybersecurity program.

The increased reliance on technology in recent years has led to a surge in cyberattacks on critical utility infrastructure. To safeguard against these threats, PITC recognizes the urgency of developing the capability to respond swiftly and effectively to cyber incidents by implementing a well-defined and efficient process.

PITC plays a pivotal role in Pakistan’s mission to implement a Smart Grid, serving 35 million customers across seven utilities. Ensuring the security of data in this context is paramount, as any cybersecurity breaches could have far-reaching consequences, impacting revenue, supply reliability, and customer satisfaction.

In 2021, PITC identified several shortcomings in their cybersecurity readiness, including the absence of a cybersecurity policy, an incident management process, and established frameworks or standards for addressing cybersecurity breaches. To address these gaps, PITC has undertaken the following actions:

  1. Established and Implemented NIST and ISO Cybersecurity Management Frameworks: By implementing these internationally recognized frameworks, PITC is laying the foundation for a structured approach to cybersecurity management, aligning with best practices and standards in the field.
  2. Assessment of PITC Cybersecurity Policies: PITC has conducted a comprehensive assessment of its existing cybersecurity policies, identifying areas that require improvement and subsequently developing an action plan to address these deficiencies.
  3. Implementation of Incident Management Process: PITC has defined and implemented a comprehensive incident management process, covering the entire spectrum from identification and resolution to recovery and closure. This ensures that the organization is well-prepared to respond to and recover from cybersecurity incidents in a systematic manner.

By undertaking these initiatives, PITC is taking proactive steps to strengthen its cybersecurity defenses and enhance its ability to protect critical infrastructure and customer data. This demonstrates a commitment to aligning with international standards and best practices in the realm of cybersecurity to mitigate the risks associated with cyber threats.